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Simone S

Simone S on 30. May 2017


"Great item, looks great on my MBP."


florianhaucke on 09. Feb 2017


"...super cool sticker and fast delivery"


Cosmicsloth on 22. Jan 2017


"Looks great no complaints"

Christophe F. Batista

Christophe F. Batista on 13. Sep 2016


"Reçu dans les temps, bon produit ;)"


slxndr on 19. Jun 2016



jenniecph on 10. May 2016


"Item came promptly with easily understandable instructions, easy application, and great reactions :)It is made pretty much precisely to fit over the apple, so spend an extra few minutes positioning it before applying so you get the full desired effect of the light coming through."

Natàlia Banana

Natàlia Banana on 27. Mar 2016


Chris Boven

Chris Boven on 09. Mar 2016


Sam Altenberger

Sam Altenberger on 01. Mar 2016


"Absolutely fantastic! Quality and speed were great."


lillilatigresse on 25. Jan 2016


"perfect, thank you very much!"


cbakas on 18. Jan 2016


"Looks great and shipped on time too!"

Sami Hamed

Sami Hamed on 25. Nov 2015


"Love this decal! Looks amazing on my Macbook Pro! I even love how the apple logo still shines through it. I had a rainbow decal on the logo before adding this one and combined they look awesome! Thank you! Super high-speed shipping by the way!"

Lizz Hughes

Lizz Hughes on 05. Nov 2015


"Perfect - exactly what I wanted☺️ thank you!"

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